5kg Briquette

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Non-carbonized high calorie biomass briquette.


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Many households use timber for fuel or use charcoal made from felled trees. Many more use logs for heat during winter. Unfortunately this continues to aid the depletion of some of the world’s few remaining forest reserves.

Is there a cheap alternative to charcoal and wood that all folk can use? We have the answer – Biomass Briquettes.

We are completing the first large briquetting plant to produce a large number of high value, low cost plant waste briquettes. We use rice husks and pineapple plant stems which are sustainably grown.

We sell them where charcoal and wood for fuel is sold.The unique challenge we face is changing our attitudes towards saving our trees. Major logging continues to deplete large chunks of forest for industrial fuel every hour around the world. The rural poor in many parts of the world cut down trees for fuel as they have no alternatives.

We want to work with you, our champions for the cause, to keep spreading the word and letting people know that there is an alternative.


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